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Owner and art teacher at Maria Hernandez Art Studio and Creative Kubs.

Bachellor in Fine Arts.

Maria Hernandez

Hi! my name is Maria Hernandez, the owner and the art teacher of the Art Studio and Creative Kubs. This is a new and enthusiastic project that aims to bring art and crafts activities to children, young adults and adults in Kenmare.

I earned my degree in Fine art in Valencia my home city. After getting my degree I started my career as an art teacher in a small art school called "Taller Artesano " I worked there for eight years teaching art to children. Since I moved to Ireland in 2014, I have been working and studying to improve my skills and also my english. 

The Art Studio is based in 23 Main Street ,Kenmare.  In my classes I will be working using high quality materials, adapting the work to different ages and abilities, developing their drawing skills and introducing them to the different art techniques. I will stimulate their creativity and visual education helping them and assessing them to develop their own skills.

I am garda vetted and I will be offering classes all year round.

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